Queen’s Horse Barding

This project is based on AEthelmearc’s current horse barding for Queen’s Equestrian Champion with many different improvements. This Queen’s barding is created to show of our Queen’s richness and beauty.
The Queen’s barding is a created out of 100% red linen, edged with a heavy gold/red cord to add weight on the bottom. There are a total of 14 golden roses (7 on each side) surrounding the Escabundle, toped by the Royal Crown created out of golden silk and embellished by pearls, beads and gold cord.
The barding was designed to fid various horse sized and has additional straps to secure it to the saddle.

Gesa van Wellenstein
Æthelmearc Gazette article
Queen's Horse Barding

2 Responses

  1. Fredrik Tomasson

    I appreciate the handiwork that has been put into this piece of work. However, I have to object to using the roses in place of the laurel wreath in the kingdom arms. There is no such armoury registered by Æthelmearc and it is not a historically accurate. I appreciate the desire to differentiate between Kings and Queens Champion, but I think it can be done by using a badge, perhaps with “K” or “Q” included in the design, not by using inaccurate armoury.

  2. Clarissa da Svizzera

    Is this stitched by hand or machine? Specifically the embroidery.