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The following is a comprehensive list of Arts & Sciences resources easily available online to our aspiring artisans. Some are websites, some are Facebook Groups, some originate within our Sylvan Kingdom, some are form the Society at large, and some are mundane, often academic of nature. Remember, before asking your questions after joining a cool Facebook group, take a look at their Files section first. The answer is often already right there.

And if you came across resource of particular use to you but not part of this least, please let us know and we’ll add it to the collection!


General A&S Resources

Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences (private)

Mistress Euriol of Lothian’s Arts & Sciences resources – lists websites, links and class handouts on 13 different topics.

Stefan’s Florilegium – an absolute plethora of SCA class handouts and papers everyone should visit.

Find a Compleat Anachronist title discussing your topic of research (catalogue from 1982 to 2019).



Guild Websites and Facebook Groups

Æthelmearc College of Bards (private)
SCA Bardic Arts (Unofficial) (public)
Medieval Music (public)
Æthelmearc Stories and Songs (website)
Pennsic Pile 2019 (website)

Period Inspirations

Francis J. Child Ballads – A Complete List
Internet Sacred Texts Archive  about stories, folklore, mythology etc – England specific

Printed Works

  • The Troubadours, The Compleat Anachronist #44, by Sylvan Glen’s own Mistress Lia (1989)
  • Ars Poetica Societatis, The Compleat Anachronist #67, by Elizabeth Morris and Terry Sheehan (1993)
  • The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within by Stephen Fry (2005)
  • Through the Glass Window Shines the Sun: An Anthology of Medieval Poetry and Prose, edited by Pamela Norris (1995)
  • Come Live With Me and Be My Love: A Pageant of Renaissance Poetry and Painting, edited by Pamela Norris (1993)
  • English Lyrics Before 1500, edited by Theodore Silverstein (1988)
  • Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems Selected and Translated with an Introduction and Notes, Penguin Classics version (1973)
  • Ulrich Von Liechtenstein’s The Service of Ladies, edited by Kelly DeVries (1969)

Inspirational Music

Wolgemut (youtube playlist)
Cold Iron by Leslie Fish
Songs from the Labyrinth by Sting (youtube playlist)
A Winter’s Night: Live from Durham Cathedral by Sting (youtube full album)



Guild Websites and Facebook Groups

Royal Æthelmearc Guild of Brewers, Vintners and Meadhers – roundtables, competitions, handbook
A list of other Kingdom Brewing Guilds can be found on the Royal Æthelmearc Guild of Brewers website
Æthelmearc Brewers Pub (private)
Medieval Fermentation (SCA) (private)
Medieval Brewing (public) – a mix of SCA and mundane brewers

Period Inspirations

East Kingdom Brewing Guild – Primary Resources (5 categories)
Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online 
Medieval Ale & Beer by Elska á Fjárfelli
Of Hony – a Collection of Medieval Brewing Recipes by Elska á Fjárfelli


SCA Bookbinding (public)
SCA Printers and Bookbinders (private)
SCA Gaming Medieval and Modern (public)
SCA Historic Jewelry (public)
SCA Jewelry Makers (public)
SCA Leather Workers (private)
Medieval Turnshoes (public)
Royal Guild of Aethelmearc Metalsmiths (public)
Æthelmearc Moneyers Guild (public)
Inter-Kingdom Moneyer’s Guild (private)
Aethelmearc Worshipful Company of Pewterers (private)
SCA Potters (private)
Medieval Pottery (public)
The Medieval and Later Pottery Research Group (public)
SCA Woodworkers (private)


Guild Websites and Facebook Groups

SCA Cooks (public)
Æthelmearc Cooks Guild (private)
Authentic Viking Food T00 – The Recipes (private)
Medieval food before the Crusades (public)

SCA Class Handouts

MOAS Atlantia – Cooking and Food
Discussion: Cookbooks and Where to Start by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE (Johnna Holloway)

Period Inspirations

Coquinaria – period and traditional Dutch recipes
Medieval Foods for Modern Allergies – cooking medieval for modern feasts
Medieval Cookery – period cooking texts, many of which are reliably translated, plus ingredient analyses for many of the texts
The Food Timeline – want to know if a dish is period?
Gode Cookery – make sure to take note of the source/citation for some of the recipes included
Medieval Cookery – recipes, menus, books
Plain Fare. A Period Camp Cookbook. A Collection of Simple, Documented Recipes. For Cooking in Camp. From the Kingdom of Drachenwald
Cariadoc’s Miscellany by David Friedman (current edition)
The Forme of Cury: A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Compiled, about A.D. 1390
Culina Vetus – The History of German Food in Europe by Volker Bach with original translations and redactions
Medieval Sundries – Ni Zan’s Dietary System of the Cloud Forest Studio by Alec Story
Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online 
The Transylvanian Cookbook
Foods of England – online historic cookbooks
An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century as translated by Charles Perry

Modern Books for Period Cooks

  • Eat like a Viking! A guide to Anglo Saxon & Viking age food & drink (2019) Volume 2 (2021) by Craig Brooks – no redactions or research, but a fun place to start
  • Pleyn Delit: Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks (1996) by Sharon Butler
  • Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens: Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq’s Tenth-Century Baghdadi Cookbook (2007) by Nawal Nasrallah (Brill: Islamic History and Civilization, Volume: 70)
  • Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table: A Fourteenth-Century Egyptian Cookbook (2017) by Nawal Nasrallah (Brill: Islamic History and Civilization, Volume: 148)
  • Scents and Flavours: A Syrian Cookbook, transcription of Kitab al-Wuslah ila l-Habib fi Wasf al-Tayyibat wal-Tib (2020) by Charles Perry (New York: New York University Press)
  • The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy (2000) by Odile Redon, Françoise Sabban, Silvano Serventi, Edward Schneider (University of Chicago Press) – research, redactions and explanations
  • Take a Thousand Eggs or More, Vol I and II (1990) by Cindy Renfrow – 400+ recipes from the 15th century, 100+ modern redactions
  • Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England (2003) by Mary Savelli
  • An Early Meal a Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey (2013) by Daniel Serra and Hanna Tunberg
  • Tasting the Past: British Food from the Stone Age to the Present (2009) by Jacqui Wood
  • Tasting the Past: Recipes from the Middle Ages to the Civil War (2019) by Jacqui Wood


For practical advice on what to wear, check the Newcomers Corner

Show Your SCA Kit! An Unofficial SCA Group (public)
SCA Garb How-to (Unofficial) (private)
Reenactment Clothing and Textiles (private)
Medieval Asian Garb & Armor in the SCA (public)
Ugly Skirts and Fugly Beads (Bronze age through early Roman) (private)
SCA Celts/Early Period Cultures (600BCE-500CE) (private)
Dark Ages SCA (Post Roman Britain Discussion and Research) (public)
Viking Clothing (private)
Vikings of the SCA (private)
Viking Clothing Discussion Group (private)
SCA 14th Century Kit Group. A Unofficial SCA Group (public)
Elizabethan Era Colors & Fabrics (website)

Fiber Arts

Aethelmearc Thread-Workers Company (public)
SCA Fiber Arts (public)
SCA Weaving (public)
Historical Warp Weighted Looms (private)
SCA Narrow Work (public)
SCA Tablet Weaving (unofficial group) (private)
Historic Tablet Weaving (private)
The Honourable Company of Knytters of the East Kingdom (public)
Nålbinding (private)
The Braid Society – Braids and Bands – a discussion group and resources (website)


Guild Websites and Facebook Groups

Æthelmearc College of Scribes and Illuminators website
Æthelmearc Scribes (private)
Æthelmearc Scroll and Scribal Gallery (public)
SCA Scribes (public)
SCA Scribes and Illumination (public)
SCA (unofficial) Parchment Project (private)
SCA Scrolls and Scribes: All Original Art (public)
SCA Non Traditional Awards/Scrolls (Unofficial) (public)

Period inspirations

The Göttingen Model Book – a medieval instruction manual on coloring techniques
Book of Kells – useful for color and pattern inspiration
Æthelmearc College of Scribes and Illuminators – Online Manuscripts
British Library – Digitized Manuscripts

Scroll Blanks

Baron Caleb’s Flikr album of scroll blanks (previews)
Bubba Kit (Wellner)’s scroll blanks
google drive with scroll blanks by Scribes of Atlantia
Scroll blanks by Scribes of Meridies (previews)
Scribal bookmark collection (noncommercial use only)
Scribal Coloring Pages

Starting out

Scribes of Meridies – Handbook; online information on paper, paints, tools, etc
Lessons for Beginner Scribes on How to Paint SCA Scrolls and Maiolica by Mistress Dairine mor o’uHigin of Atenveldt (Gael Stirler)
Calligraphy & Illumination Handouts by Magistra Mara Palmer
How to Diaper a Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds



Aethelmearc Building Trades and Decorative Arts (private)
Sylvan Lands Medieval Building Trades, Decorative Arts, and Architecture (private)
Æthelmearc Herbal and Apothecary Guild (private)
The Medieval Garden (public)
Medieval Natural Philosophy (public)
Aethelmearc Foresters & Woodwards – Unofficial (public)
Aethelmearc Period Wilderness Skills (private)



Largesse is a conglomeration of (generally handmade) items presented to a Royal or group within the SCA. Within the realm of our pageantry, they are presented as gifts or “taxes” but mundanely they are meant to be given freely and with the understanding of how they will be used later. The Æthelmearc Largess Guild’s goal is to provide abundance for our most noble Crowns to recognize our populace with. Additionally, when traveling abroad our royalty will spread renown of our most magnificent artisans. Everyone is welcome in this most generous of endeavors, and presentations are planned for Coronations, Crown Tourney and 12th night as demand warrants. Join the Æthelmearc Largess Guild Facebook group or Contact Duchess Anna Leigh for more information.

Æthelmearc Largesse Guild (public)
SCA Largesse (public)
Largess Makers (public)

What is Largesse? Kingdom of Avacal


Samples of Largesse gifted to the Kingdom by our gifted and generous Populace:


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