leather-bound book with escarbuncle and arch with candleIntroductory text by Robert of Ferness:

In order to keep a record of the kingdom’s populace recognized as Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Champions, and the projects they exhibited in competition, Robert of Ferness commissioned this book from His Excellency Hayashi Youichirou Norikata, who dwelled in the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn for some years.

After this page follows a listing of champions and their monarchs, starting in A.S. XL and continuing until A.S. LIII, when the book was passed to the next of many champions.

Upon being recognized, each succeeding Champion is charged with updating the index to include their name and the names of the monarchs in whose reign they take up their post. Space has been left for this purpose at the front.

Further, each successive Champion is charged with creating a new page for themselves, following the earlier examples. It is intended that each Champion will use a page or two to describe their winning entry as space allows and earlier entries suggest.

It is hoped that later Champions are willing and able to seek out earlier Champions and invite them to contribute their own material in its proper place.

Finally, this book may be born in royal processions and in royal court by the current Champion. It should be open to inspection by any who wish to learn of the Champions’ works of years gone by, that they may be encouraged to begin or improve their own efforts in the Arts and Sciences and marvel at the diverse achievements of Æthelmearc Champions.


Documentation by His Excellency Hayashio Yo’ichirou Norikata (PDF, 1.8 mb)


The introductory calligraphy and decoration is from the hand of Lady Asteriya Royarchevicha of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn.


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