Here you will find PDFs of A&S Handouts, instructionals, and teaching blogs posts. Many of our artisans also post handouts and instructionals on their blogs – check out the links and see what is there, you might get lucky!

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Collected A&S Handouts

Class Notes & Handouts from the Brewer’s Guild of Æthelmearc

The Barony of Delftwood’s Media Library

Euriol of Lothian – Arts & Sciences


Individual A&S Handouts (PDFs):

Krupnik and the Plausability of Landrace Honey Cordials (SCA) by Lord Cassiano da Castello
Krupnik Method and Justification by Lord Cassiano da Castello
Teaching Classes at Pennsic by Luceta di Cosimo
Modern soap making techniques and its relation to medieval soap making by Lady Elska Fjarfell
Of Charcoal and Ash by Lady Elska Fjarfell
Of Potash and Lye by Lady Elska Fjarfell
Basic Beginner Brocading by THL Hrólfr á Fjáfelli
Pileus Cap Instructions by Freiherrin Felicitas Flußmüllnerin
Historical Anthropology by Mord Hrutsson
Archaeological Objects by Mord Hrutsson
Primary Sources by Mord Hrutsson
The Gold Embroidered 12th Century Liturgical Sandals: Part 1 by Mistress Gillian Llywelyn
The Gold Embroidered 12th Century Liturgical Sandals: Part 2 by Mistress Gillian Llywelyn
History of Venetian Carnivale Masks in Period by Lady Isabetta Orsini
Reconstructing a Renaissance Camisa by Lady Elena de la Palma
Draugarnir: Revenants in Old Icelandic Sagas by Master Fridrikr Tomasson
One Monarch, Two Interments by THL Beatrice de Winter
Everybody Dies – The Evolution of Western Attitudes towards Death in the Middle Ages by THL Beatrice de Winter
General Research Tips and Techniques by THL Beatrice de Winter
Hangmen, Headsmen, and other Fun Ways to Die by THL Beatrice de Winter
Bling Out Your Dead by THL Beatrice de Winter


Populace Publications, hosted on Academia

Abigail Kelhoge

Elska á Fjárfell

Hrolfr á Fjárfelli

Gwendolyn Grace

Robert of Ferness

Beatrice de Winter

Cassiano da Castello



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