The following is a list of all rostered Ministers of Arts & Sciences within the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

If there are any inaccuracies, please contact your regional or Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences to correct these mistakes.

The Kingdom A&S Minister is THL Maggie Rue (, and the Deputy is THL Mairin O’Cadlah ( See also our list of related kingdom officers.


Group SCA Name Email Term of Office
Region 1 Deputy Angellino the Bookmaker
Barony of Blackstone Mountain Kathyrn MacLuing Feb. 2024
Shire of Ballachlagan Vacant
Shire of Misty Highlands Vacant
Shire of Port Oasis Vacant
Shire of Sylvan Glen Ylaire Sainte Claire April 2021
Region 2 Deputy Remus Fletcher
Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie Dec. 2023
College of Silva Vulcani Vacant
Shire of Gryffyns Keep Vacant
Shire of Hunter’s Home Maggie Rue Feb. 2022
Shire of King’s Crossing Chrestienne de Waterdene Feb. 2022
Shire of Riversedge Vacant
Shire of Steltonwald Vacant
Shire of Stormsport Vacant
Shire of Sunderoak Carrie List April 2020
Region 3 Deputy Jaqueline de Molieres
Barony of Endless Hills Æsa Helgulfsdottir July 2023
Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog Lady Donatella da Fano April 2022
Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais Vacant
Shire of Hornwood [Shire on hold]
Shire of Nithgaard Sarah Perelli April 2022
Region 4 Deputy Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne
Barony of Rhydderich Hael Genevieve O’Connor June 2022
Barony of Thescorre Amelot Noisete Nov. 2020
Canton of Beau Fleuve Vacant
Shire of Blackwater Mor Dubhslainie Sept. 2021
Shire of Hartstone Vacant
Shire of Heronter Jane Arden Nov. 2020
Region 5 Deputy Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne
Barony of Delftwood Glenna Chomondeley April 2022
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn Asteriya Royarchevicha Jan. 2026
Shire of Angel’s Keep Gillian McGill de Verona April 2022
Shire of Coppertree Vacant
Shire of Courtlandtslot Vacant
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle Vacant
Shire of Wyntersett Vacant



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