Here you will find links to interesting and informative YouTube Videos, websites and Facebook group pages devoted to various topics, and other useful A&S information. This list will be updated as information becomes available – and if you have something to add, please email the deputy KMOAS office.

Resources to help navigate virtual opportunities

Æthelmearc Zoom Q&A

Æthelmearc Online – Kingdom Court Ætherial and More!

Æthelmearc A&S Facebook Groups

Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences

Æthelmearc Brewers Pub

Æthelmearc College of Bards

Æthelmearc e-Schola

Æthelmearc Herbal and Apothecary Guild

Æthelmearc Moneyers Guild

Æthelmearc Scribes

Æthelmearc Kingdom and Populace YouTube Channels

Ætube SCA, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc personal YouTube channel

Abigail Kelhoge – 3 Talking Rabbits

Abigail Kelhoge – The calligraphy & Illustration playlist

Abigail Kelhoge – The Parchment playlist

Aurelia Argentia Prima – SCA Arts & Sciences

Elska á Fjárfelli – SCA Arts & Sciences by Elska

Maureen Benfer – Tudorosities

Rhiannon y bwa – Missing Spindle

Æthelmearc Populace Websites

Allessandro Devereaux – spanish fencing research & techniques

Alfrun ketta – A Wandering Elf’s Journey

Astridr Vigaskegg – Battlebeard

Caleb Reynolds – Caleb’s A&S Blog

Elska á Fjárfelli – A Booke of Secretes

Elska á Fjárfelli – Medieval Mead and Beer

Euriol of Lothian

Euriol of Lothian: the Cuisine of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Fede di Fiore – Rennaissance costuming

Hrólfr á Fjáfelli – Of Warp and Weft

Luceta di Cosimo

Madoc Arundel – A Friend in Mead

Phiala O’Ceallaigh – Phiala’s String Page

Renata Rouge – No Strings Attached

Robert of Ferness – Shoes by Robert

Snorri skyti Bjarnarson – Snorri’s House

General Kingdom Publications

Æthelmearc Gazette – covering the Kingdom of Æthelmearc of the SCA

Kingdom of Æthelmearc Brewer’s Guild – Resources

The Barony of Delftwood’s Media Library

Populace Publications, hosted on Academia

Abigail Kelhoge

Elska á Fjárfell

Hrolfr á Fjárfelli

Gwendolyn Grace

Robert of Ferness

Beatrice de Winter


Society-wide Virtual Learning

Facebook Groups

SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display

SCA Virtual Campfire

SCA Online Virtual Bardic Night

Society-wide general A&S Facebook Groups

Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism

SCA Arts and Sciences

SCA Bardic Arts

SCA Celts/Early Period Cultures (600BCE-500CE)

SCA Cooks

Dark Ages SCA (Post Roman Britain Discussion and Research)

SCA Garb How-to

SCA Leather Workers

SCA Library of Alexandria – A&S discussions with the Laurels of our Realms

SCA Medieval and Renaissance Dance

SCA Natural Philosophy

SCA (unofficial) Parchment Project

SCA Potters

SCA Printers and Bookbinders

SCA Scribes and Illumination

SCA Scribes

SCA Woodworking

Latin for Medieval Re-enactors

Viking Clothing (SCA-style)


Other Kingdoms’ Virtual A&S resources

East Kingdom Ministry of Arts & Sciences: list of online webinars

East Kingdom Ministry of Arts & Sciences: online A&S displays

Kingdom of Calontir virtual A&S classes

Kingdom of Artemisia: virtual university


And if all these resources did not scratch your itch in these times of social distancing, the KMOAS has a few suggested free documentaries (in no particular order) to help keep us inspired in all things medieval!

Guedelon Castle in France: Secrets of the Castle

A Tudor Feast, with Ruth Goodman

Modern History TV

Lucy Worsley documentaries (recommend If Walls Could Talk)

Tony Robinson documentaries (recommend The Worst Jobs in History, as well as Time Team)

Jas Townsend and Sons – 18th century reenacting

Forged in Fire playlist

Time Team episodes on the channel of Reijer Zaaijer

Atlas Obscura

Recording Archaeology

Hunt Primitive

The GW Foundation

Irish Archaeology Field School