Here you will find Kingdom of Æthelmearc Populace websites, links to YouTube Videos, and other useful A&S information.


KMOAS pages of special interest to our Kingdom artisans

Ask Aunt Æthel

How To Document an A&S Entry for Competition


Æthelmearc Kingdom and Populace YouTube Channels

Ætube SCA, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc personal YouTube channel

Abigail Kelhoge – 3 Talking Rabbits

Abigail Kelhoge – The calligraphy & Illustration playlist

Abigail Kelhoge – The Parchment playlist

Aurelia Argentia Prima – SCA Arts & Sciences

Elska á Fjárfelli – SCA Arts & Sciences by Elska

Maureen Benfer – Tudorosities

Rhiannon y bwa – Missing Spindle


Æthelmearc Populace Websites

Allessandro Devereaux – spanish fencing research & techniques

Alfrun ketta – A Wandering Elf’s Journey

Astridr Vigaskegg – Battlebeard

Caleb Reynolds – Caleb’s A&S Blog

Elska á Fjárfelli – A Booke of Secretes

Elska á Fjárfelli – Medieval Mead and Beer

Euriol of Lothian – Arts & Sciences

Euriol of Lothian: the Cuisine of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Fede di Fiore – Rennaissance costuming

Hrólfr á Fjáfelli – Of Warp and Weft

Luceta di Cosimo

Madoc Arundel – A Friend in Mead

Phiala O’Ceallaigh – Phiala’s String Page

Renata Rouge – No Strings Attached

Robert of Ferness – Shoes by Robert

Snorri skyti Bjarnarson – Snorri’s House


A&S Class Handouts (PDFs) and Profiles

Can be found on the Class Handouts page



Per Society rules, authors of articles and photos hosted on this web site must complete and sign release forms, and send them to the MoAS Webminister (

Please fill out, print, scan, and send the appropriate form. (If you do not have a scanner, take a photo of the form and send that.)

Creative Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form (Fillable) [96k]

Model Release Form (Fillable) [71k]

Photograph Grant of Use Form (Fillable) [63k]


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