Starting in A.S. 56, this list includes all newly announced inductees into the Order of the Sycamore, the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc, and any recipients of Writs for induction as Laurels. This list is updated following official court reports and includes language contained there, possibly slightly edited.


NameAwardReasonEvent DateLink
Lady Rose O'Tierrany Sycamore her skill in the scribal arts has grown much over the past few years and she has created many scrolls for both her barony and the Kingdom October 23, 2021 court report
Sir The Thorsol Solinauga Sycamore for a cup that Sir The Thorsol made that His Majesty uses regularly, and his further skill in woodworking October 8, 2021 court report
Lady Gwen Cooke Sycamore for the scribal arts, which included scrolls that were part of this very court, and her further skill in embroidery and sewing October 8, 2021 court report
Lady Diana of Waterford Sycamore for skills in brewing... she earned near perfect scores for her beers in the interkingdom brewers challenges, and devises delicious cordials, all while teaching others the secrets of potent potables September 24, 2021 court report
Lady Isabele of Dunbar Sycamore for her work creating site tokens and otherwise beautifying sites September 24, 2021 court report
Lady Logan Lotta d’Kent Sycamore for her skills in the bardic arts... she takes joy in sharing the Japanese storytelling traditions, and served as the bardic champion for the Rhydderich Hael September 10, 2021 court report
Lady Ilaria of Delftwood Fleur d'Æthelmearc for her excellent research and production of period head coverings from hats to hoods, veils, wraps, and more she has researched and recreated it September 3, 2021 court report
Lady Ewa of Coppertree Sycamore for her theatrical and bardic skills especially in bringing troupes together at the most recent Bardic War September 3, 2021 court report



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