Starting in A.S. 56, this list includes all newly announced inductees into the Order of the Sycamore or the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc, recipients of Writs for induction as Laurels, Awards of Arms (for A&S activities), and the Order of the Silver Sycamore. This list is updated following official court reports and includes language contained there, possibly slightly edited.


NameAwardReasonEvent Date
Lady Abby Rose Sycamore for her artistry, as a scribe, a creator of jewelry and as a chef May 27, 2023
Lady Avitoria Vidua Fleur d'Æthelmearc for her wonderful art May 20, 2023
Effie Cruikshank Award of Arms for attending to fighters on the field as well as studying the scribal arts May 6, 2023
Lord Alexandar of Ayr Sycamore for his artistry both in weapons of war and tools of peace May 6, 2023
Master Caleb Reynolds Laurel Writ for his "Mad Cheese Research" and for numerous other research projects April 29, 2023
Lady Aurélie of Nithgaard Fleur d'Æthelmearc for her incredible skill with fabric, thread and needle April 29, 2023
Don Mathias al Tabai Sycamore for his impressive artistic endeavors April 8, 2023
Lord Balint Toth Fleur d'Æthelmearc for his art: the creation of beautiful metalwork and garb April 8, 2023