Starting in A.S. 56, this list includes all newly announced inductees into the Order of the Sycamore or the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc, recipients of Writs for induction as Laurels, Awards of Arms (for A&S activities), and the Order of the Silver Sycamore. This list is updated following official court reports and includes language contained there, possibly slightly edited.


NameAwardReasonEvent Date
Lady Scheiney of Dalhraidia Sycamore for her skill in fiber arts and her teaching of those skills to others April 13, 2024
Donna of the Debatable Lands Award of Arms for her service and especially her baking skills April 13, 2024
Willow of the Debatable Lands Award of Arms for assistance at events and contributions to music in dance consorts and other performances April 13, 2024
Lady Helena Lyncoln of Norfolk Sycamore for her her dedication to the arts, and the steadfastness with which she attended sewing nights, fiber guild, the scriptorium, and other artistic pursuits April 13, 2024
The Honorable Lord Casimir Zelený z Strášná Skála Laurel Writ for his skills, knowledge, and teaching capabilities in the art of brewing April 13, 2024
Baron Ixac ben Simone Sycamore for completing many scroll blanks for the Kingdom and his Baron April 6, 2024
Faelin of Ballachlagan Award of Arms for arts and science and service March 30, 2024
Emma Sycamore for embroidery March 30, 2024
Lord Roderick Longshanks Sycamore for his research and efforts in creating tasty beers and meads March 23, 2024
Lady Mary Thomas Sycamore for being prolific with fiber arts and teaching those who want to learn March 2, 2024
Baroness Zaphira bint Benjamin ibn Ibrahim Sycamore for her skill in scribal and fiber arts February 24, 2024
Flippa Forti Award of Arms for her knowledge and skill in cheese making February 10, 2024
Lady Asa Thorstæinsson Sycamore for her work in cooking, brewing, and scribal arts February 10, 2024
Lady Aud of Delftwood Sycamore for her spinning and weaving February 10, 2024
Lady Morgan O'Brien Sycamore for her skill as a seamstress and jewelry making February 10, 2024
Kit of the Debatable Lands Award of Arms for embroidery work and her efforts to maintain the Barony’s fires at Pennsic January 27, 2024
Lord Turlough Feolain Sycamore for his skill in the research and creation of garb, including hats and crafts of leather January 27, 2024
Lady Fine Failain Sycamore for her artistic skills had also reached Their ears, not just in the making or garb, but also in the crafting of a wagon and for sharing the gift of her voice January 27, 2024
Her Ladyship Elena de la Palma Laurel Writ for her research and creation of Spanish garb January 13, 2024
Lady Helewys Spynnere Sycamore for singing with the Debatable Choir and doing many fiber arts December 16, 2023
His Grace Duke Thomas Byron of Haverford Fleur d'Æthelmearc for his research into the arts of striking coin and gaming October 28, 2023
His Lordship Gareth Whytebull Sycamore for his skills in the Arts September 30, 2023
Ruth of Sterlynge Vayle Sycamore for a swiftly developing talent in the arts September 30, 2023
Mistress Rynea Ingen of Stormsport Fleur d'Æthelmearc for her artwork September 30, 2023
Baroness Helena Mutzhasenen Laurel Writ for her work in garb making and especially her study and crafting of period unmentionables September 30, 2023