Aqua Alexiteria: A Cure for the Plague.

In this brief paper I will discuss a recipe that was published in Sir Charles Scarborough’s 1665s Practical Method as Used for the Cure of the Plague in London. This project originally started life as a brief, educational paper, quickly written for The 2021 Great Lady Mary Hunt. While that paper was presented as an educational piece, this will be an actual project to reproduce the 17th century plague cure. While Scarborough’s book was published outside of the SCA time period, I feel that it is a good fit for these trying times of our modern plague. This project will detail my attempts to make a cordial and a liqueur that will, theoretically, cure the plague.

2 Responses

  1. Cassiano da Castello

    I commend you for trying for a truly complicated recipe–I tend to avoid these in my own cordial projects for the same reasons you discussed in the end of your documentation. I also sincerely appreciated your listing of ingredients and sourcing, as well as the choices you made to keep or reject ingredients, I ran into similar “don’t want to poison my friends with my drink” that you did in recent entries/ recipe attempts. 🙂 Your parsing of the recipe also made sense, and I appreciated the in-period cost analysis as well.