White Scarf Scroll [His Majesty’s Choice]

This is a back log scroll for being inducted into the Order of the Whiter Scarf.

Illumination Size: 15.5 cm x 20.5 cm

Illumination is based on a black ink print dated 1570 on Joachim Meyer’s manual for longsword fencing: Gründtliche Beschreibung der freyen ritterlichen unnd adelichen Kunst des Fechtens in allerley gebreuchlichen Wehren mit vil schönen und nützlichen Figuren gezieret und fürgestellet (A Thorough Description of the Free Knightly and Noble Art of Fencing, in All the Typical Guards, Adorned and Arranged with Many Beautiful and Useful Figures). Illumination was done with black Daniel Smith Walnut Ink using different Leonardt G and EF Principal nib sizes (1.0 to 0.05mm). Due to the pointy nibs, I chose a smooth Bristol 260g paper.

Calligraphy was done with a 0.5 mm Leonardt Hief Copperplate, using red Calli ink. I chose Alt Schwabacher lettering, which is a style of Blackletter with simple rounded strokes, which was often used for manuscript. It was popular in Germany during the time of the fencing manuscript was published. Schwabacher lettering was the earliest German print typeface and it was originated close to my hometown. Word by Master Quinn.

3 Responses

  1. Katja

    Wowsers. The amount of finely rendered and consistent detail in this scroll is impressive. Really stunning piece!

  2. Queen Liadain

    Your Ladyship, you continue to impress! The calligraphy is beautiful and illustration is so fine – I adore all the details. Thank you for creating this lovely gift of artwork and sharing it here for all to see.