Torture as a Display

A miniature torture chamber was created for Ice Dragon; included is a “scold’s bridle” and documentation for what was created. For the Ice Dragon Project, the torture display was supposed to be interactive, with both the rack and the strappado capable of being used by visitors. In addition, the scold’s bridle was capable of being displayed on a “victim.” the pentathlon was completed with a Lemon Balm cordial, which references were found to be used to revive victims of the rack in order to continue administering torture—a miniature goblet of the cordial would have been included in the display, with an actually testing bottle in the brewing/tasting section.

  1. Queen Liadain

    Thank you for sharing such an interesting topic. I hope to have the opportunity in the future to see your full display in person as I’m always a fan of “interactive” presentations. Well done!