The Benevolent Ghost

Friend of mine commented that she was at an event and feeling miserable about her garb when a kind stranger intervened. She used the phrase “Benevolent Ghost”. This poem was the result.

3 Responses

  1. Baroness Aranwen Ap Rhys Verch Gwalter

    We all need to be a Benevolent Ghost to help all those who need…..thank you!

  2. Gwen

    I love the sentiments expressed here, and it makes me very disappointed that so many people’s initial experiences are still fueled from a place of embarrassment or feeling shamed because of their kits or because in attempting to help they are brushed off as described. That rings, unfortunately, true, and is one of the things I hope we are continually fixing.

  3. Ts’vee’a

    I loved this. The imagery is quite good – I had a vivid mental picture from your words. I like how it focuses on the encouragement overwhelming the bad behaviors.