Scroll – Axeman vs Centaur

Two scrolls depicting the same image of a inhabited initial ‘A’, depicting a centaur spearing a man holding an axe: opening psalm 77. Inspired by folio 101r of the 12th century Hunterian Psalter.[1] Also known as the York Psalter. Gouache and ink on Fluid 140 pound, hot-pressed, cotton paper and a miniature of the same image on vellum, also with gouache and ink.

4 Responses

  1. Baroness Aranwen Ap Rhys Verch Gwalter

    Beautiful colors! Very nice!

  2. Katja

    Hi Caleb,
    Really nice shading! I’m not a scribe, but I recognize clear, smooth drawing and consistent work.
    Your piece looks remarkably close to the original, other than that your gold doesn’t look quite as shiny.
    Nice, clearly written documentation, very understandable for a nonscribe. Oh, and I’ve heard several scribal Laurels say that tracing is period, so I don’t think you need to excuse or apologize for doing so.
    Thanks for entering this, Katja