Pagan Lady of the Isle of Man Necklace from Late 900AD Recreation [Her Majesty’s Choice]

Lampwork recreation of a Viking/Pagan necklace found in an archeological dig on the Isle of Man in 1982. The 71 unique bead necklace is made up of many different sizes, styles, colors and ornamentation. The original beads were possibly gathered throughout her lifetime given as gifts from her husband or possibly for services rendered as a healer or sorcerer.

5 Responses

  1. Lisette

    I’ve always admired lamp work; I find it fascinating. The colors are beautiful.

  2. Lady Ilaria of Delftwood

    I appreciate the number of techniques you’ve used, and that you are incorporating this into an entire outfit!

  3. Katja

    Wow. I think it’s impressive that you made so many different beads for this project, and they look remarkably close to those in the photos from the museum. This wasn’t just a case of recreating a specific design over and over, but creating numerous different ones. Really nice job!

    Your documentation is fairly clear and interesting to read, and it generally explains the process quite well to someone who has never done lampwork. The only thing I would suggest clarifying is what “cane” is; I could figure it out from the context, but since it’s an important element of the process it would be helpful to define the term.

    I think it’s really nifty that you’re trying to recreate the pagan lady’s entire outfit, and I look forward to seeing that when you complete it. 🙂

    Katja, OP, OL, CB, Thescorre

  4. Lady Otilia

    These are amazing! Your talent is a testament to many long hours of research and trail by fire.
    I cannot wait to see your Magnum Opus.

  5. Queen Liadain

    Thank you for sharing this. I find your project and process fascinating and it was a pleasure to read. I adore lampwork and deeply admire the care and attention you have taken to every detail (even if you continue to find more details!) I very much look forward to seeing your outfit competed in it’s entirety. A tremendous undertaking for sure, but well worth the reward!