Italian Humanism: White-Vine Illumination on Vellum

The 11” by 14” sheep vellum is crafted by Nichola Beese. The homemade pigments (ultramarine blue, red ochre, bohemian green earth, and zinc white), gilding (with 24k gold) and illumination, done in the Italian white-vine style, is created by Serena Milani. Later on, words, created by Jehan LeBlanc, were calligraphed by Magdalena Txoperena.

  1. Arianna of Wynthrope

    Beautiful work, neatly done. I like the way you adapted the border for a single page as opposed to a book page by making it symmetrical.

    Next time you do a white vine piece, you might want to look into adding shading on the white vines, themselves. If you look closely at your inspiration piece, you’ll see that there is light gray shading that causes the vines to look three-dimensional. I’ve seen other Italian white vine pieces where the shading was beige, but it’s almost always there.

    I love the precision of the knotwork – it’s very easy to end up with vines that vary in width, but you did a great job of keeping yours consistent. Same with the white dots, which can also be tricky to keep the same size.

    I’m sure Fede is thrilled with this gorgeous scroll!