Newbie’s First Candles and Tapers

Project will demonstrate a self-taught novice attempting, failing, then succeeding at reproducing dipped beeswax candles and liturgical tapers as found in Christian Church and home use for the wealthy in the time after the fall of Rome. Project notes will include preliminary attempts, failed attempts, lessons learned, and will present final success. Preliminary attempts used modern premade braided cotton wick, final product uses a hemp wick soaked in warm wax for pre-treating.

[I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what all is supposed to go here, this is my first time doing this kind of thing and I just kind of jumped into it. Please feel free to email me if something needs correcting]


Video #1: Journal for Candle Championship Entry

Video #2: A&S Championship Entry – Tapers – Intro Video



2 Responses

  1. Ken Wright

    I wanted to welcome you to the competition, as well as to the broader A&S community. A “self-taught novice attempting, failing, and then succeeding” is an inspirational story more of us should bear in mind! I look forward to seeing your documentation; I’ve been saving the tallow from browning hamburger and I would like to know if the techniques for beeswax candles are similar to those for tallow candles.

    Again, it’s good to see new blood entering these competitions. Well met, milord!

    Laird Coinneach

    • Eugene Yeo

      My wife threatened me with egregious bodily injury if I attempted to make tallow candles in her kitchen, but I’d love to compare notes at some point in time. The documentation is up, as are the videos of me dipping and all of that good madness. I must say this event was quite the warm welcome. I did not expect the warm, helpful, and even eager reception that greeted me. I can’t wait for my next event!