Thanks for considering volunteering to be a judge for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship!

For information about this hybrid event, see our page Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship. See the rubrics for details to be considered during judging.

The information collected below will be used only by the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Ministry to arrange meetings between judges and entrants via Zoom. It will not be published anywhere.

Right now, we are planning to spread out the virtual judging between Monday, October 17th and Thursday, October 20th.

Please specify your areas of expertise, either broad or specific. Here are some examples, but you’re certainly not limited to them: calligraphy and illustration (C&I), metalwork, leatherwork, fiber arts, bone working, bookbinding, research papers, ceramics, bardic arts, embroidery, glasswork, music, performing arts, woodworking.


Please also specify any preferences or limitations for the day of week, dates, or times of your availability to use Zoom software to teleconference with entrants.


Judging Sign-Up



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