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Here is the information on the format for the upcoming A&S Faire and Queen’s Prize Tourney, (June 23, in the Rhydderich Hael!!) Please feel free to disseminate this as far and wide as you like! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Format for the A&S Faire:

The Arts and Sciences Faire and Queen’s Prize Tourney is not a competition. Assessors provide feedback and critique, but there is no score; feedback is designed to be qualitative, not quantitative. The Faire is an opportunity for up and coming artisans to show their work and be interviewed by more experienced artisans, and is also an opportunity for more experienced artisans to gain meaningful feedback about their projects. Each entrant must be sponsored by a Laurel or Fleur (or the equivalent to the Fleur from another kingdom), who should provide meaningful mentorship to the entrant. This can take many forms, and is dependent on the entrant and their sponsor. Some entrants seek a mentor who is much more engaged, with regular check-ins leading up to the Faire. Some entrants may not feel the need for in depth engagement. This should be discussed before a sponsor/entrant agree on the sponsorship. If an artisan wishes to enter but does not know of a sponsor to approach, A&S staff are glad to help match them up; likewise, if anyone would like to be a sponsor and is seeking an artisan(s), A&S staff will work to pair folks together. Each sponsor is asked to bring a gift for each entrant they sponsor, so that each entrant receives a prize.

The format is similar to what has been done with the A&S Championships; entrants are allowed up to three items which should show a cohesive body of work. Entrants will have two groups of reviewers, scheduled for one hour each, who will ask questions about the item(s), documentation, the research process, etc. After each review session, the entrant will receive feedback forms from each reviewer. Feedback is not limited to, but should include meaningful information about the item(s) entered, documentation, possible resources to pursue, etc. Entrants will be given their review schedule in the morning, but should be prepared to sit with their display throughout the day. We ask that, like the A&S Champions event, entrants bring three copies of their documentation.

Youth Entrants

Youth artisans are highly encouraged to enter the Faire! The comment sheets for youth entrants will be different from those for adult entrants, designed with their age group in mind. Obviously, we would not expect a 5 year old entrant to provide documentation equivalent to that of a 13 year old or to that of an adult artisan. We also understand that there is usually parental help and guidance through the art process, which is a great way to help mentor a budding artisan! Ideally, youth aged 3-11 should be able to express how much of the project they did alone and how much they had help with, what the project is, how it works, and what they believe they learned throughout the process.
The registration pages for entrants and sponsors will be up shortly on the Aethelmearc Arts and Sciences website, If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact the Aethelmearc Minister of Arts and Sciences,


If you are interested in offering your day for assessing the entrants, please contact the A&S minister, at You will be paired with at least one other assessor (though it is my hope that we are able to have teams of three.) We are aware that this is a big commitment, but promise that everyone will have a break for lunch. Your feedback is greatly appreciated by all of the entrants and staff!

On Plagiarism

Intellectual theft is a very serious offense. As a general statement, the Aethelmearc A&S office currently defines plagiarism as, “copying another person’s ideas, words or writing and pretending that they are one’s own work,” ( This includes improper citation of sources, paraphrasing without giving attribution to the original resource, outright “copy and pasting,” from someone else’s work, etc. If there is suspicion of accidental plagiarism, staff will talk to the artisan about why it is considered to be plagiarized and how it can be fixed. We will be posting resources to help our artisans with citation on the upcoming A&S website.




I have had some questions about the A&S Faire and Queen’s Prize Tourney format. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me, Renata at

Firstly, yes, sponsors/mentors can also serve as assessors! In fact, I highly encourage it so that we can have a decent range of assessors for each entrant.

Second, Faire entrants do NOT have to be just below an arts grant level (Fleur or equivalent.) All levels of artisans are welcome!

If you are interested in mentoring an entrant, seek out the artisans you know and offer! I am keeping a list of both mentors and entrants who need pairing, however, this is your chance to help encourage a budding artisan! Do you have newer artisans in your local group? Is there someone in your household that you feel could benefit from the assessing or exposure? Seek them out!

Until we have the registration pages up, send me an email to register. For entrants, I need your basic information (name, local group, art subject, mentor’s name, and age if a youth entry.) For mentors, I need your name, the person you are sponsoring, and if you are available to assess that day, the fields that you feel capable of assessing.

I am really excited and looking forward to seeing what everyone brings this year!!

Event information can be found here:

-THL Renata Rouge, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Aethelmearc






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