Sólveig Þrondardóttir

Sólveig Þrondardóttir is an 8th century náms-maðr who got lost on the way to Bad Ahha and arrived in Heian-kyō instead. She is a poet, an author of prose, and a seeker of knowledge.

Barbara Nostrand, PhD is a long term casualty of the “Great Recession” and is now a gainlessly unemployed cranky old fart instead of cranky whipper snapper. She is a bibliomaniac who buys books faster than she can read them. She occasionally even buys books in languages she doesn’t really read including: French, Swedish, and Spanish. She can not count her books, rather she weighs them on truck scales by the ton instead. She currently sleeps in an oversized closet in an apartment ruled by Kuronosuke who is a very excellent Siberian Forest Cat.

Note: The secret Latin meaning of “doctor” is “I have suffered”. Sólveig has a PhD which means that she can be boring at the drop of a hat.




Bardic Arts (storytelling, singing, etc.)

Bookbinding & Paper-making


Ceramics & Pottery

Cooking, Baking, and Confectionery Work

Creative Writing (Poetry, Prose, Lyric)

Dance – European


Herb Craft

Performing Arts (drama, juggling, tumbling, etc.)

Religious History


Writing (poetry, playwriting, etc.)

Inkan (signature seal) Carving

Dance – Japanese

Music – Theory

Music – History

Medicine – History

Law – History


Tea Ceremony

Incense Ceremony

  • Current Group Barony of Delftwood
  • Email: solveig@aeans.aethelmearc.org
  • Modern Name Barbara Nostrand, PhD
  • Phone Number: (Published with permission) 315.244.4110
  • Website: http://www.deMoivre.org/Solveig/