Dagonell the Juggler

Mundanely, I’m David Salley, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. I live in Fredonia NY in Chautauqua County in a Victorian-era farmhouse. I’ve been happily married to Dr. Karen Ehrlich (Mistress Cigfran Caer Gwalch) for over 20 years. We are owned by two cats. I’m employed by the Seneca Nation of Indians as a Database Project and Report Writer.

Scadianly, I am THFool Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake. I reside in the Æthelmearc Kingdom, in the Shire of Heronter. Under normal circumstances, an individual who has earned a Grant of Arms would be addressed as “The Honorable Lord (Lady)”. However, since my court jester persona would never be addressed by such a title, I avoided using it. The heralds called me into court as “The Honorable Fool” and I’ve been holding them to it ever since! 😀 My friends decided I am correctly addressed as “Your Foolishness.” I’ve earned another title since, but I still prefer this one.

Historically, My medieval persona is Dagonell the Juggler, a wandering jongleur from England’s War of the Roses, who, while trying desperately to stay out of England’s War of the Roses, signed up as a sailor aboard the merchant ship, The Sea Lion, a former historical replica of a 16th-century barque. I’ve spent so much time aboard her, that I incorporated her into my persona story.




Armoring (all forms)

Bardic Arts (storytelling, singing, etc.)


Bookbinding & Papermaking

Brewing & Vinting


Cooking, Baking, and Confectionary Work

Creative Writing (Poetry, Prose, Lyric)

Dance – European



Herb Craft



Jewelry Making

Juggling and Tumbling


Leather Working

Metal Work

Music (performance and composition)

Performing Arts (drama, juggling, tumbling, etc.)



Siege Engines

Writing (poetry, playwriting, etc.)