Baron Artemius Andreas Magnus

Since retiring from heavy weapons I have spent my time in the SCA studying various art forms. They include jewelry, stained glass, bead making, lapidary work and brewing. My research pieces are created using as many period techniques as possible. In some cases, like my stained glass and lapidary, I even go so far as to create some of the tools and materials used in the project using period techniques.

I enjoy teaching these skill when I can. Unfortunately, many of the tools I use are large, and many in number which prevents me from teaching these skills in depth at A&S. I do however invite people to my home to try their hand and learn some of my skills.

I also enjoy talking to people about their interests in A&S. Their excitement helps inspire me to explore more and hopefully I inspire them to do be more active and explore their interests.




Brewing & Vinting

Glasswork – Blown or Stained glass

Jewelry Making


Metal Work

  • Current Group Barony of Delftwood
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  • Modern Name Mark Schwartz
  • Phone Number: (Published with permission) 315.622.8904
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