person presenting research to four judges
Master Hrólfr presenting at the Pennsic 48 A&S Warpoint Competition.

Calling all artisans: your Kingdom needs you! Their Royal Highnesses are looking for entries for the Pennsic 49 Arts & Sciences Warpoint competition.

Their Royal Highnesses will be scouting out talent at Ice Dragon and at the Arts & Sciences Faire.

There will also be a dedicated Arts & Sciences display to scout for talent at Æthelmearc War Practice and Æthelmearc Spring Academy. Entries are not required to be finished at that time, but should show what we can expect to see at Pennsic. Preliminary documentation will be highly appreciated.

Details of the competition may still change, but as this time the rules are very similar to those of last year:

  • The competition takes place on Thursday in war week, there will be 10 entrants from each side competing for a total of 4 war points.
  • Entrants may enter a single project or a body of closely connected work that was completed since Pennsic 48. Unfortunately, entries cannot consist of research papers, food, beverages, or performing arts.
  • Judging will be face to face. There will be 4 one-hour judging blocks, entrants will be required to be present for their judging slot. Judging is done by a panel, based solely on a rubric, which will be shared with the entrants ahead of time.
  • Documentation should be submitted by July 15th (it may still be modified after that, just bring a summary of changes if they are significant).

This is your chance to shine and to show what Æthelmearc’s Arts & Sciences community has to offer! Please consider entering, I [Hrólfr] can personally attest that it will be a wonderful and inspiring day of drooling over the best A&S entries that you may see all year.

Feel free to approach Hrólfr or Elska with any questions you may have at or by finding us at your favorite event. We will be hosting Arts & Sciences consultation tables at many future events throughout the Kingdom and look forward to see you there.


Feb 23, 2020 @ 5:14 pm