When & where is the event?

The event is being held on October 28th in the Shire of Nithgaard (State College, PA).

The event announcement can be seen on the Æthelmearc webpage:

Who can enter the championship?

Any citizen of Æthelmearc can enter the championship. There will be two champions chosen: Adult and Youth

Do I have to be at the event to enter? In other words, can I enter by proxy?

All entrants are required to be present for the championship, as the judging will be face-to-face.

What is face-to-face judging? How will it work?

Every entrant in the championship will be judged by two teams of judges, at separate times. The team will meet with the entrant for 30-45 minutes, talking about the entry, asking and answering questions. After the team has engaged with the entrant, they will judge the entry and give their scores to the scorekeepers.

How long will I be required to stay with my entry?

You’ll be required to stay with your entry for the hour you are being judged. After that, you may stay with your entry or you may do other things.

Speaking of entries, what are the rules about entries?

You may bring an entry consisting of three items, all from a related field. You may also bring a display related to your works. *This year, we can accept brewing & venting entries!*

What other requirements are there for entries?

The only other requirement is that you provide documentation for your entry.

What criteria will the judges be using when they judge my entry?

The judges will be using the following criteria in judging the entries:

a. Historical Accuracy
b. Quality of Workmanship
c. Methods
d. Materials

The definitions of these criteria, as well as a generic judging rubric, will be provided at a later time.

I see that you want me to pre-register my entry. Why is that?

If we know what entries we are getting and how many, we can better plan for judging and the space we need.

Can I enter even if I do NOT pre-register?

We will accept entries that are NOT pre-registered the day of the event, but pre-registering your entry will help us out immensely.

What prizes will be given?

Their Majesties will be choosing the Kingdom’s Arts & Sciences Champion AND the Kingdom’s Youth A&S Champion at the event, using the scores, the advice of the judges, and Their own observations. They may also be giving out both a King’s choice and a Queen’s choice, as well. Also, during the day, the populace will be given the opportunity to vote on their favorite entry. A prize will be given to the Populace’s Choice winner.

Let’s say I’m NOT entering, can I still display my work at the event?

That will be decided once we know how many entries we have and how much space we have. We anticipate that we will have display space, but it will be limited.

Who will be the judges?

We are hoping to get volunteers from the Orders of the Fleur and the Laurel to act as judges. The judges will be divided into five or more teams. Each team will judge up to five entries, taking one hour for each round of judging. We will ask volunteer judges to pre-register also, to let us plan the judging rosters more efficiently.

Where can I find pre-registration forms?

The forms will be found on the Æthelmearc A&S website.

Entry forms are at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIUDcn5okbhUm8ZZW_lplw6O2Qvh2AzYrKpFnddHLOryBXjw/viewform

Judges registration form is at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdeq6NgLLIH0-f_hC5e8oXPWL2Zy09Fq2IigqGJhJTffKjnSg/viewform

A link from the event announcement is on the Kingdom of Æthelmearc website, on the Æthelmearc e-mail list (as well as various order e-mail lists), and on Social Media (FaceBook & Google Plus).