This is an explanation of the matching Japanese outfits that I made for their Majesties. I have pictures of the historic outfits that I am recreating. I explain the modern fabrics I am using and why I use them. In … Continued

A Spanish saya (gown) for a middle class woman circa 1510, after the fashion portrayed in Natividad de la Virgen by Fernando de Llanos, main retable shutter, inner side, Cathedral of Valencia. Name:Elena de la Palma

Celtic knotwork archway – a group project designed by Muirghein Gaelbhain, mostly carved by Sean O’Connor, painted by Sean O’Connor, Maire ni Cathal O’Connor, and Sasson de Sancta Victoria. Name:Sean O’Connor

6 way dos a dos book. This will likely be an incomplete project, and there is little to no scholarly research or commentary for this single exemplar. My documentation will be mostly speculation due to this lack of scholarship. Name:Sophie … Continued

Heraldic Cotehardie set with a Lord’s fighting tabard and shield. First attempt to make this grab and the mistakes made. Not everything is perfect. We learn from our mistakes. Name:Lady Marguerite De Neufchasteau

A&S Children’s Entry. Charlotte, age 7, would like to enter with a live piece played on her harp. Please advise if this is acceptable. Name:Charlotte