Modern Media and the SCA: Making Them Work Together

Reaching people who are interested in the SCA can be difficult; reaching a large number at once even more so. In this class, Æthelmearc Media Liaison and broadcast journalist Baron Arias Beltran del Valle discusses how to reach out to modern media and share activities and events with them, while also adhering to Society media policies. Includes what to do (and not to do!) when the media arrives at an event. Included in the discussion will be suggestions on how to make an event more interesting to news outlets. We’ll touch on rights given to the reporters and to participants. We’ll also discuss who should be involved in preparations for meeting the media at an event, and how to present the best face for your group!

SCA Name:
Arias Beltran del Valle
Mundane Name:
Alex Hines
Preferred Teaching Day And Time:
Duration (in hours):