Goldwork – Basic Couching and Texturizing Metalwork Embroidery

Basic couching, then practice in how to do basketweave patterns and chevrons. This works for thread as well as metals, and is all just a matter of graphing on the fabric and counting your couching stitches.
Kits are $5: metal threads (fake! Not real gold!) on 2 different spools, thread to couch with, and a printout of the instructions and patterns. I will have rulers and markers. Students need to bring their own hoop and material. Limit of 10 for kits and full instructions.
You supply: a smaller tightly hooped fabric, scissors. I will have some fabric already laced onto frames if you don’t.

SCA Name:
Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh
Mundane Name:
Paamela Boynton
Preferred Teaching Time:
Duration (in hours):