Introduction to the Scribal Arts

A few weeks after Coronation, Their Majesties posted a message encouraging the populace to consider helping AEthelmearc as a scribe.
If you are “scribal-curious” but aren’t sure how to get started, this class is for you!
Practicing scribes Caleb Reynolds, Elyse la Bref, Gulsah al Zakiyya, Alicia Langland, and Sebastianne La Rousse will offer 20-minute introductions to 5 key areas — Wording, Sources, Supplies, Lettering, and Artwork — to help you answer Their Majesties’ call.  (Think “Speed Dating with the Scribal Arts!”)
Hopefully, this “amuse bouche” will whet your appetite for the more in-depth “entree” classes in the afternoon!
No fee.  All supplies will be provided.
SCA Name:
Mistress Alicia Langland
Mundane Name:
Della Hutchison
Preferred Teaching Time:
Duration (in hours):