Useful Tips for Teaching at Pennsic.




  • Number of potential students interested in obscure, specialized, esoteric, and advanced topics
  • Class descriptions posted on Pennsic website: publicity, exposure
  • Students from the entire Known World: networking, access to far-away resources
  • Extended time: all-day, multi-day, evening classes
  • Extremely messy classes
  • “Field trips”: shopping, fishing, walking tours (period encampments, weed walk, etc.)
  • Comment sheets from students (??) provide(d)feedback
  • Pennsic Teachers mailing list is a sounding board, source of advice
  • You don’t have to “be someone” to teach at Pennsic. Anyone can teach!


How to register

  • Class registration generally begins in early February.
  • Cutoff date for registering classes and having information appear in the Pennsic book is May 1.
  • You may still register to teach after that time, and your information will be included in the
    online class database, but will likely not appear in the paper book on site.
  • The earlier you sign up, the better your choice of days and times will be.


Here’s what you’ll need to fill out when you register your class(es)

  • Your name (Modern and SCA), email address and phone number
  • Class title, class description, and a summary of 250 characters or less
  • Category of your class (choose from drop-down menu)
  • Class length
  • The names of any others teaching with you
  • What dates and times you are willing to teach
  • Whether you want to teach in a private camp or to restrict your class to certain ages
  • What fee, if any, you will charge for materials, including handouts
  • Any special needs, such as a messy” tent (with a sink), evening hours, electricity, whiteboard and
  • markers, or specific scheduling requests

HINT: Know the answers to all these questions before going on-line to fill out your Teaching Request.


Prior to Pennsic

  • After you register, the Class Scheduler will send you a message acknowledging your registration.
  • In July, the Class Scheduler will send you a message confirming your class schedule.


On-site Check-in

  • Once on-site, check in at A&S Point. Make sure there are no conflicts or problems with your
    scheduled day(s) and time(s) and tent assignment(s). (And pick up your teacher token!)
  • When you register, one thing you will have to provide is a short class description. “Short” means 250
    characters MAXIMUM.


Additional teaching opportunities at Pennsic

  • If yours is a hands-on skill, chances are good that someone is organizing a crafting day on
    Artisans’ Row. Volunteer to spend part – or all! – of the day teaching drop-in students one-on-
    one or in small groups.
  • Hold the class/workshop in your camp and publish the time and location in the daily newspaper,
    Pennsic Independent.
  • If your class topic dovetails with a merchant’s wares, you might ask to post a sign announcing
    the time and place. If there’s space, you might arrange to hold it at the merchant’s booth.
  • Set up a temporary “booth” along Beggar’s Row.
  • Participating in the Arts and Sciences Display on Monday of War Week is another teaching
    venue, especially if you demonstrate your craft while you sit with your work.
  • What if you cannot physically come to Pennsic? Someone suggested recording a podcast
    version that gentles could listen to at Mystic Mail.


More questions?

  • E-mail the Chancellor or the Registrar.
  • Ask veteran teachers.
  • Attend classes by other teachers in your field to observe how they teach as well as what they



Written by Mistress Alicia Langland – for the complete document If You Teach It, They Will Come! click the PDF icon on the left.





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