The current and former Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Champions are listed below in reverse chronological order by reign, as drawn from court reports. See the Book of Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Champions for details of their projects (where available).

All links go to the relevant court reports, with more or less detail.

  1. Jasper Longshanks and Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne for Timothy and Gabrielle – youth: Cornelia of Harford
  2. Robert of Ferness for Anna Leigh
  3. Ekaterina Volkova and Hrólfr á Fjárfelli for Gareth and Juliana – youth: Cornelia of Harford
  4. Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen for Marcus III and Margarite – youth: Simon á Fjárfelli
  5. Elska á Fjárfelli for Tindal II and Etain II
  6. Christine inghean Grioghair for Titus and Anna Leigh
  7. Renata la Rouge for Tindal and Etain
  8. Elspeth of Wurm Wald for Timothy and Gabrielle
  9. Katryne of Bakestonden for Khalek and Branwyn
  10. Anlatih ingen Trena for Andreas and Kallista
  11. Fintan na Coilled for Isenwulf and Rosalinda
  12. Roxanne de St Luc for Christopher III and Morgen III
  13. Thyri erbewyf for Duncan II and Ilish II
  14. Sasha Grey and Betha of Bedford for Malcolm III and Tessa III
  15. Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen for Henri II and Elena
  16. John Michael Thorpe for Maynard II and Liadain
  17. Barbary Rose for Khalek and Branwyn
  18. Juliana Delamare for Rurik and Angelik
  19. Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen for Christopher and Morgen
  20. Renata Rouge for Malcolm II and Tessa II
  21. Rowena nic Donnchaidh for Malcolm and Tessa


See also: Youth Arts & Sciences Champion

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