Training with Troublesome Joints

Making progress in martial pursuits when your body is fighting against you can be difficult at best. We all know that proper care of your body is essential but where do you start?
As repetitive motion can often do more harm than good for bad joints, long-term training has to take a different form – but don’t despair! Whether your joints are chronically cranky or you’re recovering from injury, there are plenty of things you can do to keep you fighting and improving for years to come.
This class will focus on a variety of topics such as:
-How to structure your training to make progress while being gentle on your joints
-Finding a historic manual that is healthy for the way your body needs to move
-A look at various swords and how they help or hinder wrist health
-Ways to improve your body mechanics and joint health through stretching and posture form the ground up
-Techniques for coping with the mental strain

SCA Name:
Ania Mhoireach
Mundane Name:
Ania M. Nadeau
Preferred Teaching Day And Time:
Duration (in hours):