How to Train Your Unit

Melee is the chance to fight for and alongside your friends. It is exhilarating and challenging and when done right can be a rewarding and joyful experience. Much of this depends on the ability of your Unit to fight and succeed as one.
Helping newer fencers learn how to fight as a Unit is the responsibility of all who have come before, so this class will focus on how to take a group of fencers of all experience levels and build a unit that will be effective, deadly, knowledgeable, and unified on the field from the start.
We will cover training tactics for bringing newer fencers up to speed, the logistics of diagnosing everyone’s strengths so they can be placed in the line where they will be most effective, and the care and raising of your unit to work well together and support each other both on and off the field.

SCA Name:
Ania Mhoireach
Mundane Name:
Ania M. Nadeau
Preferred Teaching Day And Time:
Duration (in hours):